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2020-01-21 01:53

Riding a motorcycle on a long road trip is a lot more complicated than packing a bag and going for a ride. Here are 10 tips for road trips I learned the hard way. The more comfortable yourObviously, longdistance motorcycle riding should not be that brutal. On the other hand, most would agree that some degree of discomfort on long rides is not only to be expected, it is actually a unique part of the experience. Hence, the joy of arriving. It is important to realize that total comfort on extended rides (36 hours) may never be long distance motorcycle comfort

Sep 01, 2013 Comfort is not bad but all my BMW buddies think 400 miles is a long day, I think that's a good point to stop for lunch. That's how much more comfortable a cruiser seating position is. Now seats themselves could be a much different story.

Here are some of the best touring motorcycles. lack of a trunk raise questions about longhaul comfort, but, the sidebag design still provides significant cargo space without compromising Jun 24, 2007  Long distance comfort Got into a bit of a debate last night with a cruiser riding friend on what makes for the best long distance comfort. My bike certainly could use a better seat for distance riding, but I never really seemed to find forward controls all that comfortablelong distance motorcycle comfort How To Achieve Backside Bliss On Long Motorcycle Rides 8 Tips to help you maximize your seating comfort on long adventure rides. Published on. It can be exciting to push your limits and test your endurance on long motorcycle rides.

LDComfort stays dry on the inside. Please use a TAPE MEASURE to find your correct size. 100 Made in the USA! Please email [email protected] com with any questions or comments. long distance motorcycle comfort Aug 16, 2010  LD Comfort (LD Long Distance? ) underwear or undergarments, as theyre called by the company, is the latest underground hit with touring and adventure touring riders. On the other hand, the motorcyclespecific design of the LD Comfort shorts actually makes these a notbad deal. What to wear, how to stretch, what to drink all add up to how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides. Pretty much any bike is comfortable for just a few minutes, but any bike can be torture Jun 27, 2007 Motorcycle Forum Motorcycle. Com General Discussion Motorcycle General Discussion: Long distance comfort User Name: Remember Me? Password: Forum: Active Topics: Mark Forums Read: FAQ: Page 2 of 2 1: 2 Thread Tools: , 12: 09 PM# 11: MadScientistMatt. Founding Member. Long Distance Motorcycle Riding: Foot Placement. This is an extremely important issue for the long distance rider. Its just not comfortable to ride without repositioning your hips, knees and feet while long distance riding. One solution is to add highway pegs.

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