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The term psychomotor refers to physical activity and how your mental processes either affect or govern it. It is used in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder to describe any changes indicative of a manic or depressive episode.Psychomotor Therapy has many common elements with Occupational Therapy. It is applied in many countries in north and central Europe such as Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, etc. It addresses children and adolescents with a wide range of difficulties: motor difficulties such as developmental coordination disorder and motor immaturity, cognitive problems, such as learning difficulties and psychomotor activity therapy

Psychomotor therapy is defined as a method of treatment based on a holistic view of the human being that is derived from the unity of body and mind. Assessments (observation andor evaluation) are essential to achieving concrete psychosocial objectives methodically. Psychomotor therapy uses movement, body awareness and a wide range of movement activities to optimize movement

Psychomotor therapy aims to support and aid an individuals personal development. It is based on a global view of human beings that considers each individual as a unity of physical, emotional and cognitive actualities, which interact with each other and the surrounding social environment. A mental status examination may be beneficial when the physician senses that something is The mental status examination is an essential tool that aids physicians in making psychiatric diagnoses.psychomotor activity therapy Psychomotor therapy (PMT), an experiential therapy, is defined as a treatment that uses body awareness and physical activities as cornerstones of its approach.

Psychomotor therapy is a somatotherapeutical activity using model, goalaimed movement programs. Performing these requires an active participation of patient; it works not only with the biological part of a personality, but also with the psychic one and with social relations. psychomotor activity therapy How can the answer be improved? Psychomotor aims to strengthen a childs resources, increase intrinsic motivation and decrease difficulties, avoidance behaviour and psychological strain. The concept of psychomotor emphasizes the connection between physical skills and mental processes.

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