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2020-01-24 23:10

For more details, please refer to the Checklist for OutofProvince Vehicle Registration you're bringing a vehicle to B. C. from Alberta or Saskatchewan. under the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, qualified privatelyowned or leased vehicles imported from Alberta or Saskatchewan may be exempt from the BC preregistration safety inspection.Registering an Out of Province Vehicle In Alberta (pdf 290K) What the Inspection Involves This inspection is a basic safety or mechanical fitness assessment that must be performed by a certified journeyman technician who is licensed by Alberta Transportations Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP). Typically the inspection takes two hours to perform. motorcycle out of province inspection vancouver

Old Motorcycle Shop Out of Province and Salvage Inspections For Motorcycles while you wait! Contrary to popular belief we do not work on cars, trucks, vans, monster trucks, airplanes, boats We work on motorcycles.

Jan 30, 2019 Bikes bought out of province do not need inspections? YES you do need an inspection: huh Any bike OR car needs to have an inspection done on them and yes as an inspector it is a cash cow for the goverment. OK Tire Vancouver provides Out of Province Inspection services to Vancouver, BC, Burnaby, BC, Richmond, BC, and other surrounding areas. Request QuoteSchedule Service. Approx.motorcycle out of province inspection vancouver Contact us now to discuss your provincial safety inspection. The Province of British Columbia takes highway safety seriously. The Vehicle Inspection and Standards Program aims to keep only the safest and most roadworthy private and commercial vehicles on the roads of BC.

Jul 09, 2013 One advantage of having the out of province inspection is the much cheaper insurance rates once you switch to a local insurance provider. If you are with Primmum in Ont don't expect to pay the same as you will with Primmun in Alberta. I have a June 2011 copy of the Alberta Motorcycle Insoection Manul and in section 9. 7 it mention Footpegs motorcycle out of province inspection vancouver Whats in a BC Vehicle Inspection Report? You need a Vehicle Inspection Report in order to register an out of province car in British Columbia. Well, if you look on the ICBC web site you cant find an actual list of the things that are checked. Feb 12, 2013 Re: Out of Province Inspection on Motorcycle Originally Posted by Showtime You probably won't believe this but Canadian Tire is a registered inspection department on USA vehichles. B. C. 's Out of Province vehicle inspection system is being questioned, after a CBC News investigation revealed a Jeep checked for deficiencies by five Vancouver mechanics got five different results.

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