Motorola sb5120 modem lights

2020-01-26 05:52

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Motorola SB5120 cable modemAfter the cable modem is successfully registered on the network, the POWER, RECEIVE, SEND, and ONLINE lights are on and the PCACTIVITY light flashes when the cable modem is transferring data. Back View. Click to enlarge. The Arris Motorola SB5120 has the following ports available on the back of the modem. motorola sb5120 modem lights

Motorola SURFboard SB5101 Troubleshooting. Released by Motorola in November 2004, this standalone cable modem allows the user to connect to the internet using ethernet or USB. It features a front panel of indicator LED lights and a standby button on the top of the device.

Motorola SB6121 Cable Modem Status Lights and Icons This chart can help diagnose connection problems in the Motorola SB6121 modem. The lights on the front panel convey different messages depending on whether they are flashing or steady, and green or blue. Motorola's series of SURFboard cable modems is widely used by Internet service providers. Like other modems, they use a series of lights to provide users with information about their status. Any computer user who's familiar with those lights and their meanings can tell at a glance whether the modemmotorola sb5120 modem lights The following information applies to Motorola Surfboard series cable modems. If you have a different cable modem and require specific information about that modem please refer to the manufactures website. When the modem lights come back on restart your computer or if your modem is connected to a router unplug your router for 30 seconds

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