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Internationally renowned magician Michael Vincent has been named Best CloseUp Magician three times by the UKs Magic Circle, 3 times in three consecutive decades; 1983, 1991 and 2003, and was awarded the title of International Magician of the Year in 1993.Michael Close is an inveterate joke teller whose stories have brought gales of laughter from audiences around the world. For more than twenty years, Michaels friends and colleagues have eagerly awaited a collection of jokes from his enormous repertoire. michael close magician

Michael Close is truly amazing! I dont often share tricks I just saw on youtube, but in this case, I have to make an exception. This is a clip of my friend magician Michael Closearound 1997doing a miracle that just made my day.

Michael Close has a worldwide reputation in the magic community as an author, a creator, a performer, and a consultant. He has been a student of the conjuring arts for over fifty years, and has been performing professionally since 1978. Michael Close: Mike\'s interest in magic began at the age of 6 when he received a few tricks as a birthday present. The bug bit and held and magic remained an important hobby. This is some of the best of Michael Close. Michael is an extraordinary magician, very thoughtful andmichael close magician Michael Close Magician. 1, 142 likes 4 talking about this. Michael is a magician, musician, author and inveterate joke teller.

Michael Close has a worldwide reputation in the magic community as an author, a creator, a performer, and magic consultant. michael close magician Hi, I'm Chris Michael. The comedy magician from Richmond, Virginia! You are so close to seeing the funniest and most engaging show you have ever seen. I understand the importance of highquality entertainment, and when you work with me, you are guaranteed to get just that. DVD or download by Michael Close34. 95 Erma la Fource This method for the classic Oscar trick fools magicians and laymen alike. The magician makes a prediction: The Name of Your Card is Erma! CD Michael Close In Review EffectThis CDRom (for both Macs and PCs) is a searchable database, containing All of Michael Closes MAGIC Magazine review columns from May 1995 through December 2001! Almost 900 pages of text, with over 1, 100 books, videos and tricks reviewed.

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