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A Michaelmas Goose Market Michaelmas Greetings to everyone, especially my fellow history nerds. Its September 28th, time for another installment of my Quarter Days blog. Southwark Fair, September 1733, Hogarth Im a huge fan of feasting holidays, and much to myThe oldest surviving fair with Medieval origins in Sherwood Forest is 'Goose Fair It is believed that the name comes from the droving of Geese to the market by traders. Goose was traditionally consumed at the feast of Michaelmas which falls on the 29th of September. michaelmas goose fair

Explore Schiltz Foods, Inc. Roast Goose's board Michaelmas Day (Goose Day) on Pinterest. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. A board by Schiltz Foods, Inc. Roast Goose. Michaelmas Day (Goose Day) 1873 Michaelmas Goose Fair See more.

Eat a goose on Michaelmas Day, Want not for money all the year. Sometimes the day was also known as Goose Day and goose fairs were held. Even now, the famous Nottingham Goose Fair is still held on or around the 3rd of October. The Nottingham Goose Fair is an annual travelling funfair held at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham, England, during the first week of October. Largely provided by travelling showmen, it is one of three established fairs in the United Kingdom to carry the name, the others being the smaller Goosey Fair in Tavistock, Devon, and the even smaller Michaelmas Goose Fayre in Colyford, Eastmichaelmas goose fair The Feast of Michaelmas was important during the Middle Ages, when it was often the occasion of a fair and an associated feast. Michaelmas Goose Feasts really were feasts in medival times, and the whole roasted Michaelmas goose roasted and decorated with its own feathers after cooking to look as though it was alive was an important

Nottingham Goose Fair, 15 October 2014 Tavistock Goose Fair, 8 October 2014. Feast of St Michael and All Angels. Michaelmas Day is the religious Feast of St Michael and All Angels. It celebrates Michael, protector against the dark of night and the greatest of all Archangels, who michaelmas goose fair Michaelmas ( m k l m s; also known as the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, the Feast of the Archangels, or the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels) is a Christian festival observed in some Western liturgical calendars on 29 September. Aug 31, 2014 Board Threads Posts Last Post; Tell us about your fair! If you are having a Michaelmas or Goose fair then post the details here. 0: 0: No posts have been made on this board. Michaelmas goose 'spells prosperity for coming year' The feast of St Michael and All Angels was traditionally celebrated as Michaelmas on September 29 in most of the UK (in Suffolk it is marked on 4 October and in Norfolk on October 11) by eating a wellfattened goose. Michaelmas Day is sometimes also called Goose Day. Goose Fairs are still held in some English towns, but geese are no longer sold. A famous Michaelmas fair is the Nottingham Goose Fair which is now held on or around 3 October.

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