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Dr. Michael White and Band. Image courtesy of Stephanie Willhide. During our Au Pair USA Conference in New Orleans, InterExchange staff members, Local Coordinators, and International Cooperators had a chance to experience one of Americas greatest contributions to world music: jazz.michael white and the original liberty jazz band Dr. Michael White is a jazz clarinetist, bandleader, composer, jazz historian and educator that plays classic New Orleans jazz in the George Lewis style. michael white new orleans jazz

Dr. Michael White (born 29 November 1954 in New Orleans) is a jazz clarinetist, bandleader, composer, jazz historian and musical educator. Scott Yanow, a jazz critic, said in a review that White displays the feel and spirit of the best New Orleans clarinetists.

Dr. Michael White is one of the leading musicians playing in and expanding traditional New Orleans jazz. His clarinet is warm and expressive; and while he has developed his own voice, he has clearly absorbed the plaintive fragile tone of George Lewis and the more muscular blues improvisations of A New Orleans native, White has primarily led an urban life as a jazz musician and professor at Xavier University where he teaches AfricanAmerican Music and holds an endowed chair inmichael white new orleans jazz Dr. Michael White clarinet. Although he grew up in the jazzsaturated environment of New Orleans and several of his relatives played with early jazz greats King Oliver and Kid Ory, Dr. Michael White's primary musical influence as a youth was his aunt, who played classical clarinet.

White, 64, got what some might consider a late start in the world of New Orleans jazz. Inspired by his clarinetplaying aunt and encouraged by his parents, he began playing his lifelong instrument as a student of Edwin Hampton at St. Augustine High School. michael white new orleans jazz 12 rows  Clarinetisteducator Dr. Michael White doggedly insists on the fresh creative potential of the Jazz from the Soul of New Orleans is a solid traditional jazz release with contemporary compositions in the old style. White's two AfroCaribbean pieces ( Martinique and Caribbean Girl) both contain a bit of Hebraic smoke in the finish. White and the musicians in his group (all New Orleans natives) really do capture the true spirit of New Orleans jazz on this recording. The blending of different styles of jazz combined with Dr. White's superb clarinet make for enjoyable listening over and over. Apr 11, 2016 2016 National Folk Festival Performer Dr. Michael White is truly a jazz professor. With is Original Liberty Band (founded in 1981), he continues the rich New Orleans jazz tradition.

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