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Highlights of the defensive genius and multiple world champion. James Toney Is an American professional boxer. He is a former threeweight world champion, having held the IBF middleweight, super middleweight and cruiserweight titles, as well as having challenged for the WBA and WBC heavyweight titles. (Boxer) Michael Nunn (BoxerMichael Nunn vs. James Toney. From BoxRec. Jump to: navigation, search. : Michael Nunn 160 lbs lost to James Toney 157 lbs by TKO at 2: 14 in round 11 of 12. Toney expected Nunn to run. He's going to find out it's no damn disco, he said. I'll pressure him until he has to fight. james toney vs michael nunn highlights

Michael Nunn vs James Toney Fan scorecards. Round by round scores, judging, and ratings.

Jan 27, 2018  James Toney vs Michael Nunn Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by heizenberg, Aug 19, Nunn was a very good fighter but I never bought him as he was sold and have always been high on James. Nunn vs Barkley? That fight wasn't even close. Look at James Toney vs. Michael Nunn ROUND 11 About Carlos Acevedo 15 Articles Carlos Acevedo is an awardwinning boxing writer and was the founder of The Cruelest Sport and is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America.james toney vs michael nunn highlights One of the most underrated super fights of the 1990s was the IBF Middleweight duel between champion Michael Nunn and undefeated challenger James Toney. The bout was televised by TVKO from Nunns hometown of Davenport, Iowa in a jampacked minor league baseball stadium.

Aug 22, 2015 James Toney vs Michael Nunn Discussion in Nunn I thought looked great he peppered Toney with a barrage of punches to both the head and body like only Michael Nunn could. Toney withstood the onslaught and kept an incredible pace throughout. could've made things easier for himself had he fought more defensively and picked his punches but james toney vs michael nunn highlights Michael Nunn vs James Toney (Full Fight. ) Back. Follow. James Toney attemps to capture the title from the skilled Michael Nunn. Credit to Simbros. Roy Jones vs James Toney Highlights. James Toney vs Vassiliy Jirov (High Quality) James Toney FIGHTS Mike

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