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Aug 01, 2017 Este motorhome pertence ao casal Jorge e Maria Emlia, moradores de So Francisco do Sul, SC. Gentilmente disponibilizaram um pouco de seu tempo de lazer e assim pude fazer este vdeo. Todos osFiat ducato are probably the most popular motorhome at a number of Campervan and Motorhome (CMCA)Rallies that I have attended with up to 1100 RV's on site. I personally like the Jayco Mh's with the Club lounge at the rear with the drop down bed. fiat ducato maxicargo motorhome

Sep 08, 2018 They have a dedicated web portal for motorhome customers and a dedicated access to their technical portal for motorhome converters. Whereas the final conversion will be the product of another company, the vehicle will always be a Fiat Ducato.

2009 fiat 1. 9 doblo freedom urban motorhome camper van micro mini day weekend 3, 500. 00 SWIFT CAMPER 2 BERTH LIKE AUTOSLEEPER FIAT DUCATO 2. 0 PETROL ONLY 54K MILES Fiat gives camper vans more grip with the allnew Ducato 4x4. The big story is the Ducato 4x4, which will come with the full spectrum of Ducato MultiJet2 engine options, from the 115hp 2. 0liter to the 180hp 2. 3liter. And though Fiat has debuted the 4x4 option in a very motorhomefocused way, it will make it available on the full spectrum of Ducato van and truck ducato maxicargo motorhome Furgn Fiat Ducato Maxicargo 2. 8 JTD Patentado en diciembre de 2009, actualmente con 1320 km rodados durante la etapa de fabricacin. Inscripta como Motorhome en el Registro Nacional de Automotor. Capacidad: dos personas. Valor de venta: USD 44. 000 email de

Nov 23, 2014 Silfred Motorhome Ducato Maxi Cargo Silfred Motorhome Motorhome Pequeno, Fiat Ducato 2. 8 idTD, 2002. Camper usato Adria Wind Fiat Ducato furgonato van Win gancio traino casa mobile idea fiat ducato maxicargo motorhome The Fiat Ducato as a basis for a motorhome or camper is a real classic choice. The Fiat chassis is the most common chassis among camping vehicles and has been tested, proven and optimized over many years. The equipment meets all requirements in terms of comfort, convenience, safety, performance, technological standards and more. Discover the value of the Ducato, the Fiat motorhome that has achieved the highest level of quality in technology, safety, reliability and comfort. Fiat Ducato Motorhome SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER

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